Should I book the cheapest limo I can find?

That is a good question. There are plenty of companies out there with either lower or higher prices
than Aurora Limousine. We have based our rates on many years of experience in this industry.
We have developed a formula that enables us to offer a competitive rate to our customers and
also maintain our business so we can serve our valued customers for years to come.  But you
have to ask yourself why do some companies charge much lower prices for the same service?
Well, here are a few reasons why...

•     THE MOST IMPORTANT factor that enables a company to offer the absolute lowest rate is
                   -- -- THEY DO NOT have current PERMITS or proper INSURANCE -- --

Any Company you are considering hiring should at least have a current permit with the California
Public Utilities Commission.

This permit ( TCP# ) and their insurance can be checked at   then click
Search our List of Companies to find out if a company is licensed "

Ask the company you are considering " what is your TCP Number? ". Ours is 19398. Check our
permit (
HERE ) If a company does not respect their customers safety enough to at least carry a
current permit and insurance who's to say that any part of their service is up to par.

Here are some other ways some companies compromise service.

•     Some companies can bring down their prices by sacrificing quality, repairs and safety .
•     Some companies use discount soft drinks and water or do not provide them at all.
•     Some companies & drivers do not care what people do in the car (like smoke)
       - and then you get into that limo that smells awful.
•     Some companies do not clean their cars, carpets smell like beer, wine or vomit ( gross ).
•     Some companies have drivers that wear jeans and t-shirts while they drive their clients.
•     Some companies do not want to spend money to put GPS/Navigation in their cars.
       Their drivers get lost all the time, sometimes that is the reason why they are late.